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Sina fund daily eat a few broken the net value of the fund marke

Based on marketand fund market daily ( December 13, 2011) Sina fund research center ,basis market on December 12th (Monday) ,A shares diving again refresh lows .SSE Composite Index finally closed at 2291.
55 points ,or 1.02% ;Shenzhengchengzhi to close at 9376.28 points ,down 1.10% .The plate fell ,the smallest decline in permit telecommunications one-day decline up to 0.82% ;the worst performance of the card in the optional one-day decline for 1.
48% .Two city transaction reproduction amount ,respectively 36516000000 yuan and 33095000000 yuan .The bond market all down ,the debt in corporate bond index ,the debt financial debt index ,general index in debt and debt national debt index fell 0.
01% ,Doudoune Moncler,0.05% ,www.doudounemonclereshop.com,0.06% and 0.35% .Classification of market performance market index classification of close date rise and decline ( % ) 1 weeks ( % ) in the stock certificate 1002334.96-0.
85-1.25 SSE Composite Index 2291.55-1.02-1.79 and 3002477.69-1.03-1.73 Shenzhengchengzhi 9376.28-1.10-2.19 card 5003616.09-1.30-2.06 card 2669.22-0.820.80 card in telecommunication industry financial 3206.
62-0.90-0.63 card 5111.13-1.04-2.34 card in 1551.80-1.05-0.55 medicine public materials in 2600.66-1.09-2.82 card 6134.42-1.09-4.32 card consumption industrial 2396.10-1.10-1.58 card energy 3309.
94-1.38-1.88 card information in 2025.95-1.42-1.63 card optional 2991.31-1.48-2.51 bond bond corporate bond index 95.87-0.01-0.01 debt financial debt index 118.71-0.050.01 debt index 115.
68-0.06-0.10 117.53-0.35-0.42 overseas debt bond index Nikkei 2258653.821.37-3.72 Straits Times Index Hang Seng Index NASDAQ index 2612.26-1.31-1.64 2701.720.26-3.20 18575.66-0.06-3.15 Dow Jones industrial average 12021.
39-1.34-0.63 P 5001236.47-1.49-1.64 London Financial Times Index 5427.86-1.83-2.52 CAC40 of France index 3089.59-2.61-3.49 with Germany 5785.43-3.36-5.25 data source :Sina fund research center data at December 12, 2011 :the international rating agency Moodie expresses 12 days ,the 9 end of the EU summit lack of originality ,with limited success ,eurozone sovereign rating still faces downside risks ,the agency is expected in the first quarter of 2012 a reappraisal of European sovereign ratings .
The major indexes in Europe and America ,Germany ,CAC40 index in France ,Moncler Pas Cher,the London Financial Times Index and the S & P 500 drops respectively 3.36% ,2.61% ,1.83% and 1.49% .Asia Pacific markets were mixed ,the Nikkei 225 index rose 1.
37% ;Hang Seng Index fell 0.06% .The main stock index decline on inflation data source: Sina fund research center data as of December 12, 2011 :two ,Moncler,fund performance by the fundamental effect ,exponential ,stock type ,mixed type and the bond fund drops respectively 0.
99% ,0.97% ,0.85% and 0.05% .The monetary fund rose 0.01% ,seven annual yield of 4.09% .In December 9th, QDII fund averaging down 0.58% .Classification of fund performance data source: Sina fund research center data as of : December 12, 2011 *QDII value date as December 9, 2011 specific fund ,in addition to the consumption subject selection stock and Changsheng Cheung pan resource subject shares closed flat ,the stock type fund made negative earnings ,the worst performance of the large core double power stock single-day fall 3.
47% .In addition to Manulife TEDA risk budgeting hybrid single-day rise 0.03% ,Bo return nimble disposition mixed close flat ,mixed type fund all negative earnings ,the worst performance in selected value-added mixed one-day fall 3.
15% .Nearly two into bond funds are the proceeds ,China Merchants relieved revenue bonds to 0.47% one-day gain ranks first; rich optimization to strengthen the bond C one-day decline up to 0.
61% ranked last .In December 9th, 49 QDII funds of three into the positive returns .Best performing big into the S & P 500 weighted index rose 1.83% ;the worst harvest Hang Seng China enterprises fell 2.
97% .Stock type ,mixed type fund ranked the top ten ,after the ten stock fund net growth rate ( % ) of mixed type fund net growth rate ( % ) top ten in the consumption subject selection stock 0 Manulife TEDA risk budgeting mixed 0.
03 Changsheng Cheung pan resource theme stock 0 Bo return flexible configuration hybrid 0 Manulife TEDA choice for enterprises -0.03 shares Shen Wan Ling letter Sheng Li enhanced configuration mixing -0.
02 Manulife TEDA stable stock -0.03 days WONG featured a mix of -0.07 Manulife TEDA stock selection -0.07 the South hedge value-added mixed -0.08 letter in small-cap stock selection of -0.
10 HSBC Jin Xin 2016 cycles of hybrid -0.12 GF manufacturing stock selection of -0.20 and full convertible bonds mixed -0.18 Eagle policy configuration stock -0.21 Manulife TEDA quality life hybrid -0.
26 Anderson advantage growth stock -0.26 Agricultural Bank of balanced dual mixed -0.27 Manulife TEDA bonus Pioneer stock -0.29 Penghua dynamic growth mixture ( LOF ) -0.30 ranking after ten fidelity essence of growth stock -1.
70 China strategy of hybrid -1.48 Nord -1.72 finance industry boom in the small-cap stocks mixed -1.48 Chinese industrial upgrading the stock -1.79 Everbright Baode letter dynamic optimization of mixed -1.
50 financing demand drive stock -1.80 Cathay horse robust hybrid -1.60 the day of the rich Combined steady stock -1.93 into 2020 life cycle of Cathay in the small-cap growth stocks mixed -1.
77 ( LOF ) -2.03 Morgan China advantage hybrid -1.86 big Cheng Jing Yang leading stock -2.13 Shui rich mixed -1.93 into optimization -2.59 rich day growth mixture ( LOF ) -1.97 Dacheng Industry wheeled stock -3.
26 Dacheng innovation growth mixture ( LOF ) -2.90 large core double power stock -3.47 into selected value-added mixed -3.15 data source: Sina fund research center data as of December 12, 2011 :bond ,QDII Fund ranked the top ten ,after ten bond fund net value growth rate ( % ) of QDII fund net growth rate ( % ) top ten investment relieved revenue bond 0.
47 as the S & P 500 weight index (QDII) 1.83 credit Tianli bond closed 0.29 Cathay Nasdaq 100 index ( QDII ) 1.51 letter to build stability of bonds and increased profits by 0.26 long letter the United States of America S & P 100 index ( QDII ) right 1.
48 merchants on the bonds and increased profits by 0.22 in global strategy ( QDII-FOF ) 0.70 Everbright Baode by letter income bonds of C0.20 industry mature market momentum optimization ( QDII ) 0.
67 stability by UBS Investment bonds 0.16 and global optimization ( QDII-FOF ) 0.60 letter to strengthen the bond proceeds to A0.13 Capital Global Resources Stock ( QDII ) 0.60 letter to strengthen the bond proceeds to C0.
12 ICBC Global Select stock ( QDII ) 0.45 merchants Rui spirit bond 0.11 peaceful global gold ( QDII-FOF ) 0.44 Bo credit bond C0.11 rich top global consumer goods stock ( QDII ) 0.
42 ranking after ten South Baoyuan bonds -0.37 GF Asia-Pacific stock selection ( QDII ) -1.69 Fortis steady progressive increase Lee bond B-0.39 Huaan Greater China upgrade stock (QDII ) -1.
84 South Kwong Lee Return Bond A/B-0.42 Huaan Hongkong stock selection ( QDII ) -1.88 South Kwong Lee Return Bond C-0.42 the Asia-Pacific stock selection ( QDII ) -2.04 Fonda steady revenue bond A-0.
49 Asia Pacific advantage stock ( QDII ) -2.07 Fonda steady revenue bond B-0.49 Fortis Greater China Equity ( QDII ) -2.22 rich optimization to enhance the bond A/B-0.60 Castrol overseas Chinese stock ( QDII ) -2.
58 in the sea to strengthen the bond proceeds fund Asia stock ( A-0.61 QDII ) -2.69 in the sea to strengthen the bond proceeds to C-0.61 Fortis Chinese overseas stock ( QDII ) -2.78 rich optimization to enhance the bond C-0.
61 harvest Hang Seng China enterprises ( QDII-LOF ) -2.97 data source :Sina fund research center data up to :on December 12, 2011 *QDII date of December 9th three ,the fund net value Big 1 ,www.monclersitoufficialenegozi.com,heavy beer free fall Dacheng Fund to stop :Dacheng Fund announcement says , released in December 8, 2011 on the therapeutic hepatitis B vaccine ( synthesized peptide) research progress and resumption notice ,he immediately put,information disclosure is not complete ,full ,must be further perfected ,urged the Chongqing beer company immediately to Shanghai the stock exchange for stock suspension ,until complete ,full disclosure of information .
In addition ,during the suspension period should also add the full disclosure of relevant information ,notice the contents of comprehensive interpretation and evaluation ,the data reflects the therapeutic ( synthetic peptide ) hepatitis B vaccine efficacy and safety are given and vaccine project current study phase matching node theory, and aiming at the December 8th announcement mentioned placebo response rates caused by market doubt data were carefully verified ,in time to find out why investors reveal has .
( First Financial Daily ) comments: Chongqing beer in the December 8th announcement and resume trading after the share price immediately ,the word limit, until yesterday, is the third consecutive daily limit .
Dacheng Fund 7 fund to enter Chongqing beer top ten shareholders list and suffered heavy losses .Dacheng selected nearly three trading day price decline of 9.13%, and the price decline in more depth of 12.
95% and 14.95% .Additionally the message says ,Chongqing beer phase two clinical B North group finally test result report of the opening ,is likely to have to wait for nearly two weeks ,during which ,if Chongqing beer suspension ,Dacheng Fund will suffer unimaginable .
In 2 ,the Shenzhen Secretary for fund managers, six words of wisdom :the recently held in 2011 Shenzhen area fund regulatory work conference in addition to the fund company executives ,the Shenzhen regulatory bureau also invited 154 Shenzhen fund manager at .
Shenzhen Secretary Zhang Yundong sent the fund manager in six words: dignity ,Moncler Jacket,rashness ,responsible .Earnestly fulfill the holder on the fiduciary responsibility ,not negative great trust base .
( Securities Times ) comments: Chinese investors in the selection of funds,Moncler Outlet,Closed end fund March monthly grading fund low risk share highlights the value o, fund managers have become a very important reference index .But from the development of China history, fund and fund managers are obviously very young ,still remain after the bull and bear repeated Dili temper .
Strategic thinking ,Moncler Outlet,to changes in the market acumen ,international vision ,good occupation morals is the fund manager essential occupation accomplishment .3 of the net value of the fund ,ultra low innovation :from October 24th to December 12th, in statistics into 600 partial stock funds ,more than 50% of funds suffered losses .
This also means that ,in the Shanghai composite index all the way back to the road, more than half the shares based on recorded a new low .On the rate of loss ,a loss in the 2% to 4% range of partial stock funds the majority; exponential type high lever classification of the fund is more injuries .
( daily economic news ) comments: market face play fast and loose ,fund four quarter expected eat quotes almost shattered ,rebound in the early accumulation of weak floating surplus also basically disappeared, the net value of the fund fell to a record low .
In 4 ,Bo Xiang A Net Redemption :half of fund company statistics ,December 9, 2011, Yuxiang A effective subscription for a total of $168000000 ,for a total of 1779000000 valid redemption share .
The Yuxiang A all the effective subscription application after confirmation ,Yuxiang A share the balance will be less than 8/2 times the Yuxiang B share balance .Comments: near the end of the year ,57 years old woman suddenly runaway children have the 20 Yu,the market fund surface tension ,the monetary market interest rate remained at high level .
Yuxiang A contract income is amounted to 5% ,but still difficult to block holders to redeem .After this net redemption ,www.moncleroutletboutique.com,Yuxiang B initial leverage will from 5 times to 2.5 times .Four ,fund 1 ,fund manager change fund manager change of fund fund manager change types of fund manager name date to illustrate the common management of the fund and other funds manager Peng Hua Global Discovery ( QDII-FOF ) ( 206006) dismiss Li Haitao 2011 /12/10 job needs Qiu Tao Penghua Pratt & Whitney closed (184689 ) dismissal of Ji Hongtao 2011/12/10 Yang Jun Penghua Pratt & Whitney closed ( 184689 ) hired Yang Jun 2011/12/10 securities practitioners age 6 years - financing of Shenzhen 100 index ( 161604) dismissal of Tao Wubin 2011/12/10 to vote on the Morgan Wang Jianqiang double interest equilibrium mixture (373010 ) dismissal of Wang Zhenzhou 2011/12/10 ,Sun Fang von just need Morgan double interest equilibrium mixture (373010 ) hired Feng Gang 2011/12/10 securities working life of 9 years Sun Fang Morgan voted on in the small stock ( 379010) dismissing Wang Zhenzhou 2011/12/10 work to Dong Hongbo Morgan Chinese advantages of mixed (375010 ) dismissing Wang Zhenzhou 2011/12/10 work to Yang Anle the Great Wall double power stock ( 200010) dismiss Ruan Tao 2011/12/10 job needs Wang Wenxiang the Great Wall constant equilibrium mixing (201001 ) dismiss Ruan Tao 2011/12/10 job needs Wang Wen Cheung source: Sina fund research Research Center data as of December 12, 2011 :Sina: sina.
com.cn posted this article for more information transmission purposes ,does not mean that agree with their views or confirm the description .The contents for reference purposes only ,does not constitute investment advice .

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16 year-old boy was rescued nine years into the fl

Poyang - Cao Haipeng, Xia Hao reporter: risk be engulfed in fire risk,The tramp bridge birth passers-by alarm nurse help, who is 16 years old and has the civil structure resolutely rushed into the room, out alone at home nine years old broken foot.Recently, Poyang County Oil Town Pier Street in natural village boy Wu Yueen he got neighborhood folks praised.
It is understood,Public offering of the fund performance weekly mat, 11 days morning 11 when make, is home to eat Wu Yueen saw 200 meters far from Feng Youde's house take up the fire,Moncler Outlet,30%214%180-3securiti,For college students to save 3 people drowned was,Doudoune Moncler, his heart "click", Granny Feng Youde has over nine years old, the daughter,www.moncleroutletboutique.com, visiting relatives, alone at home.
Wu Yueen immediately went to Feng Youde home, at this time, the Feng family fire from behind the front hall to spread, "crackling" sound rang the fire,Moncler Pas Cher,Sick dog mother abandoned grass dying adhere to th, Feng Youde was lying on the ground hall.Wu Yueen did not think, immediately rushed into the room,www.monclersitoufficialenegozi.com, picked up the old lady ran out.
Two people just out of the door, the house went up with a roar collapsed.Feng Laotai tells a reporter,Moncler Outlet, she watched the hall the wall suddenly caught fire,www.doudounemonclereshop.com, and the fire is more and more big.Because of their long ago broke his foot, in the home nobody, in order to save her from the couch,Haitong Securities small-cap stocks dragged down t,Moncler, rolling on the ground,Moncler Jacket, ready to climb out of the house and powerless.

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Two men stop thief reprisals.

Do boldly what is righteous young said: "I've been robbed, someone like help me" the newspaper news (reporter Li Haifu intern Chai Xin) next time "even if injured,22% 53%4This period, I also like to do so, because I had been robbed, someone to stand up and help me.
"Yesterday,Weekly fund view capture new blue-chip, waiting fo, left orbital is thief stabbed young man Chen Yongjun in Ward said firmly.At ten fifty-five that morning, a woman in the HanKou Railway Station by the thief, Chen Yongjun Chen Fan and friends to stop by after the thief, revenge was stabbed.
However struggled with the thief 5 minutes at 4 pm yesterday, reporters rushed to hospital of Wuhan eleventh, Chen Yongjun and Chen Fan are inpatient department of orthopedics ward to rest.Chen Yongjun left orbital is a knife stabbed, wrapped gauze,Doudoune Moncler, but the injury is not heavy.
Chen Yongjun introduces, 10 a.m., two people send his friend Chen Fanhe Yuan Lei to HanKou Railway Station waiting to go to the field.About ten fifty-five, at the train station ticket hall not far east station square, Chen Yongjun found a fifteen six year old boy pulled a woman's satchel.
"I keep three five meters,Male wages card more than 300000 yuan for the police to testify returned (Figure, remind someone of stealing her stuff.At this point, the thief's hand still bag."Chen Yongjun said, the thief see things brought to light, is called a dirty word,www.moncleroutletboutique.com,Three quarter of the market on the layout of the fund on inv, called a more than 20 years old.
Subsequently,Moncler Outlet, the thief threw punches Chen Yongjun, and then took a more than 30 cm long dagger, Chen Yongjun hand to block, but was stabbed in the left orbital at.See two people struggling together, Chen Fanhe Yuan Lei quickly stepped forward to help.
"Both sides fought for more than 5 minutes, Chen Fan's left leg was the thief stabbed."Chen Yongjun to the onlookers shouted warning, two thieves see potential escape.Nearly a woman until the arrival of the police, and the police together with two wounded to hospital, will also carry hundreds of yuan in cash advance medical expenses.
More than 20 people watching nobody helps Chen Yongjun said, at the time of the incident field at least 20 people, but no one stepped forward to help,Moncler Pas Cher, just heard him yell alarm, do people call alarm call.
Reporter in the interview of a patient ward, loudly said to Chen Yongjun: "you the wrong way,Moncler, not the first alert,www.doudounemonclereshop.com, the first thief down."At present, Chen Yongjun has to leave the unit.Chen Fan doctor leaves the doctor says,Moncler Jacket, Chen Fan's left leg pushed into more than 10 cm, causing massive blood loss, is not completely out of danger.
It is reported, almost stolen woman surnamed Jung, is a school teacher in wisco.Chen Yongjun memories, two thieves are foreign accent.The police, has locked the murderer, is to capture,Nurse marry leukemia patients to life., and prepared for the application to do boldly what is righteous foundation.
The stories of their robbery when someone to help the 24 year old Chen Yongjun is the Huangpi person,www.monclersitoufficialenegozi.com, this is not the first time he do boldly what is righteous.The first half of last year, also at the HanKou Railway Station, he helped the men struggled with the thief.
Chen Yongjun said: "the next encounter the same situation,The position of the fund were slightly upgraded Large Firm or _ strategy report _ sina finance _ sin,Moncler Outlet, will help, not stand idly by, if hurt again."Why regardless of danger to stop the thieves?Chen Yongjun explained, the second half of 2002, he worked in Guangzhou, one in the street by two.

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Discount and lever boosting Tongqing B advantage _ strategy repo

Wang Danni Jia Rongli discount and lever double advantage to celebrate B become the market rare varieties of investment,Moncler,Police in returned travelers pocket drive train ch, the downside risk relatively controllable, upward lever amplification gains.On long term investments, there is a certain risk tolerance, to get beyond the index returns to investors, it is the focus of attention.
Rui and off the uncertainty of structured products in the current trade at a discount, a celebration of B and Swiss and well-off two.With the trading varieties,Doudoune Moncler, and the Swiss well-off suffer risk return asymmetry, lack of discount rate regression mechanism and intrinsic factors, in two levels of markets will show a large uncertainty.
Comparatively well-off and vision of the existing way is the anniversary of rolling its open-end funds, closed-end funds expire without opening mechanism for transfer to discount zero.Therefore,www.monclersitoufficialenegozi.com, although paired conversion mechanism to a certain extent, effectively control the overall premium discount rate, but can not affect individual product premium discount rate.
Due to the foresight of the lever a broader area,Moncler Outlet, plus related investors' appetite for risk is higher, so the anniversary date may well exist vision and premium well-off discount phenomenon (or even normal existence).
Due to the operation of the anniversary date set up similar bonus share conversion mechanism,Moncler Jacket, if it is the net value of the fund more than 1 and a substantial discount, if the market does not appear in extreme circumstances, is triggered by the arbitrage dividend can put off the discount rate is controlled in a certain range (e.
g. 7% or 10%).To comparatively well-off allocation mechanism, high risk and low income does not match lead present in up to 16% of the rate of discount.This discount the future of space is expected to shrink, but due to the lack of effective mechanisms for such as Fengzhuan Kai, a discount rate can only be reduced to a certain degree.
Accordingly, the Swiss and vision may maintain a high premium rate,www.moncleroutletboutique.com, but when the market risk appears, by net worth falls rapidly and premium rate reduced double pressing,Father to find child 19 years continued children address is, the price decline will be more.
B has the double advantage celebration celebration of A,Moncler Outlet, B does not exist the discount rate to regression problems, the fund has agreed in the contract expires (2012-05-12) need not hold holder assembly, will be automatically converted into LOF fund,www.doudounemonclereshop.com, this agreement not only makes two products each of the discount rate to zero, and eliminates the traditional closed funds held by the holder assembly such as cumbersome process leads to a month-long suspension liquidity risk.
Thus in turn open process efficiency is improved greatly, but also can avoid the traditional closed-end funds due to the liquidity problems caused due to not return to zero risk discount rate.Celebration of B lever mechanism to ensure that the next access to income, whereas the higher discount rate (20%) and provides a safety protection.
Yield to maturity in terms of price calculation Tongqing B buy B and celebration, held to maturity, if funds yield and performance compared to the baseline alignment, in the different index price estimated under the net value of the fund,Group of pictures listen to the voice of blind Str, and then calculate celebrate B held to maturity (2.
33 years) during the period of yield.From the measured data can be seen, due to the presence of discount rate protection, as long as the market decline less than 45%, are held to maturity will be better than the exponential expression; when the market is down 13% can be guaranteed; market decline of more than 60% can significantly enlarge the loss; if the market to maintain the existing position, the yield to maturity of about 18%; if the market rises 30%, expire income of about 60%; if the market rose to 50%,Moncler Pas Cher, the yield to maturity of up to 89%.

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Young woman in the bus passenger Qishi cut wrist suicide.

The newspaper news (reporter Fu Keqiang) yesterday morning 9:40,Moncler, Sichuan girl ting (a pseudonym) in 563 road buses impulse, terrified passengers -- as melancholy hurt her quietly with a fruit knife cut his left wrist, hand full blood induced transient disturbance.
Slow God's people quickly started a spontaneous rescue.On the same day, the reporter goes out to interview at heaven's gate pier station on this bus number "836" when the bus, just encounter the scene.
See the driver is using mobile phone and "110" contact, reporter hurried to the back door on front seat side A Ting,This year Luo Guihon, and take out reserve sweat towel,Moncler Pas Cher, and a female passenger tried to for their dressing,Laid-off workers 27 years 52000 ml blood does not, can each other tightly hold the left hand to rescue.
Now,Doudoune Moncler, the car passengers springs forward to help, some pressing hemostasis, some contact medical first aid station, some went to the station to bandage his drugstore,Moncler Outlet, a sister from the bag and pulls out a surname Li for emergency accident trauma ointment, forced for a ting dressed the wound.
Meanwhile, the reporter hands free to take these moving scenes, hear an aunt in non-stop persuasion: "girl, alive and well,www.moncleroutletboutique.com, there is nothing more, take this road?"The Ms. Lee urgent in the body,Moncler Outlet, face off says to the reporter: "fortunately, the wound is not too deep, but the girl's problem in the mental, the necessary guidance is indispensable,www.doudounemonclereshop.com!"About 15 minutes later, received a report of the Taipei Road police station rushed to the scene, with the drivers and passengers change trains organization, managed to stabilize a ting mood, ask the accident.
However, his unsolved A Ting is not to utter a single word.Anything, they had to hold the belt even lift up then rushed to the 120 emergency vehicles, runs eleven hospitals.According to Li Min introduced the driver on duty,Moncler Jacket, on the morning of 8:30, young women from Wuhan port starting point station, a 10 yuan note dropped into the coin box, muttered: "keep the change", Li Min had felt a little surprised but didn't think much of it.
At the end of the ride station red light district,Canada stray cat kitten for haemophilia blood dona,www.monclersitoufficialenegozi.com, Li Min found that each other without stop, sit still and lorry returned, did not think of to gate pier station when A Ting was cut.Bus busy sweating Mintan Lee said: "now some young people is really worrying, motionless as suicidal thinking, in fact heart.

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